Öla Cozumel

The other side of the Island...

The Maya of ancestral times established ceremonial centers and commercial ports in Cozumel. Centuries later the island has not lost that shipping importance. The largest cruise lines have a port of arrival here. Its passengers have the opportunity to discover in a day the traditions of the island, the natural wonders and the only urban nucleus of the place: the town of San Miguel.

In this place, you will find an extensive selection of restaurants, cafes, boutiques and colorful shops offering souvenirs and Mayan handicrafts. If you decide to walk along the seafront, in addition to a peaceful walk, you can admire a good amount of sculptures and monuments. In spite of being a tourist center very visited, San Miguel does not give up that quiet and provincial air that attracts the visitors.

If you prefer to escape from areas with a large tourist influx, there is no problem, since an island 48 kilometers long by 16 meters wide is large enough to wander for hours and find solitary places in the jungle or discover lonely beaches, since only 6% of the island has urban development. In spite of its proximity to the mainland, in Cozumel you can find the isolation for an introspective and quiet vacation. Whatever your objective, from a peaceful day, without noise, and a deep rest, to the most extreme adventures, Cozumel is the ideal place for your next vacation.

ÖlaCozumel we offer you a wonderful tour that includes from a trip by three beautiful reefs to a free time for you to travel the Island of Cozumel, let yourself be taken by its beautiful landscapes that are a mixture between the best known restaurants and bars of the city and The magestouso of the caribbean sea. All this in one place. You can not lose this!