Historic Route

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Historic Route

Merida colorful full of history, founded on the ruins of an ancient Mayan city called T `HO, was uninhabited when it was conquered by those world travelers from Europe. Named American Capital of Culture (it was the first to receive this distinction).

nice people, very quaint always willing to give the best of its cuisine and its history, colonial houses everywhere; it is impossible not dazzled to tour the Paseo Montejo in one of the rickshaws and imagination take you straight to the time of horse-drawn carts, the damicelas, gentlemen, inquisition, prole, nobles, costumed, huge houses with underground passages , different customs, etc. How would experience a journey back in time to “White Mérida”? Wonder.

Almost no moisture a dry and hot weather but this does not prevent the fascination with this beautiful place. free museums that preserve priceless pieces of that time, brought here by Europeans, are today an admirable treasure for us visitors passing through these Yucatecan lands. Rich gastronomy full of flavors on the palate leading to explore, taste and always want more of everything.

People Yucatan not only stands out for its food or kindness, also distinguishes his great sense of humor is why this tour Merida decided to finish it in a very famous restaurant place with a history of years could not be other than a family, quaint, authentic botanero and we speak very well of the Yucatecan distinction as well as live their daily lives travez folklore.

Izamal a place that since once the first street makes you feel you’re going to live an exciting experience, the name Izamal comes from the Mayan language and means “Rocio Sky” now known as “the city of the hills” for having many vestiges archaeological between these 5 large Mayan pyramids.

Buildings all painted the same shade of yellow, burnt yellow or mustard tone very pleasing to the eye. Immediately we know we are in the center because it stands before us the majestic Franciscan Convent (San Antonio de Padua). Count the locals which was designed and executed entirely by the Franciscan friars, it is built on remnants of Mayan ruins. It is interesting to take a minute to imagine how the trip was everything at that time, where inside we make sure this exercise, impossible not to marvel at.

The Zocalo, locals, chaises can not stop giving a tour of the small town on it, riding toward the ruins turning Izamal on a ride with a unique experience.

We are going up to Cenotillo (this trip is longer than the previous ones we have done, we are risking us a little more to let the world surprise us). This place looks a little lonely, they tell us that most people should live in have their homes there but not live in them because they went to the United States to try their luck and once a year make a party very Cenotillo fair and genuine guy comes alive with all those who were always thinking of returning.

Two perfect for the occasion adventure at night may be able to see to the Milky Way almost virgin cenotes, because there might be lucky and see some star leaks to make a wish “to continue traveling and discovering the wonderful world in which we inhabit “.

It is indeed a journey that can be done in one day enjoying all they have to offer these wonderful places. This trip was full of surprises, history and adventure without any doubt.

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