Öla Bacalar

Lagoon of seven colors...

The original name is Bakhalal in Maya it means “near or surrounded by reeds”.

Bacalar in ancient times was the most important population and head of Uaymil, one of 16 provinces in which was divided the Yucatan Peninsula before the arrival of the Spaniards. It was a prime commercial site since it was a transfer point, of various goods brought from Central America, particularly in the region of Ulua in Honduras.

Bacalar Lagoon or Lagoon of Seven Colors it is a huge expanse of shallow water, with very soft white sand. It has a slight wave of faint blue tones where the composition of the crystals generates a simply fascinating spectacle. This lagoon is part of a lagoon system approximately 55 kilometers long that communicates with Chetumal Bay by Hondo River and estuary of Chaac.

Fort San Felipe in the fort it is currently the Museum of San Felipe de Bacalar, which, though small, generally narrates the historical development of the area through certificates, maps and drawings showing visitors how the boats came to the lagoon.

ÖlaBacalar we show a territory that hosts all a hidden gem that will catch both followers of nature and lovers of culture. All have been captivated by her beauty secrets. A unique place in the world.